Canari — «Брестская областная база «Бакалея»
Логотип Canari

Since 2007, it has been part of Henkell&Co Corporation, which brings together companies producing sparkling wines and other spirits. It is present in European countries such as France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia and Romania. It is the only non-resident company in the world that operates in the Champagne province. In addition, the plant's product range has expanded with imported brands and raw materials, and consumers are able to get sparkling wines, sparkling cocktails, vermouth, liqueurs, gin and rum at an affordable price.

Liqueur can be consumed pure, used as an additive to ice cream or as an ingredient to create cocktails.

Canari liqueurs are produced at Henkell&Co Group facilities in Poland.

  • Origin Country:Poland
  • Type: Liqueur