Boshendal — «Брестская областная база «Бакалея»
Логотип Boshendal

DGB was officially established in 1991 after the merger of Douglas Green and Union Wine. But the history of the company is much longer, it can be traced back to 1685, when the Boschendal winery was founded in Franschuh.

Today DGB, which owns 5 wineries, is the largest independent producer and distributor of spirits in South Africa, representing some of the region's best brands in its production portfolio. The company combines not only viticultural and winemaking expertise built up over many years, but also the most powerful production units with outstanding performance and productivity, ensuring sustainable business growth and hope for the future.

DGB's vineyards are located in different parts of South Africa, which has a rich and varied topography and is famous for its unique ancient terroirs. Thanks to this, the company's wines are so diverse that it is easy to find a drink to suit your taste. The strict system of quality assurance control, which applies to both the company's own wines and suppliers, is certified according to international standards and has the necessary ISO accreditations, including in the field of environmental management. DGB products are also certified by the British Retail Consortium for food safety standards.

  • Origin Country:The Republic of South Africa
  • Type: Wine