Antigua Cruz — Брестская Бакалея
Логотип Antigua Cruz

Tequila Antigua Cruz is a strong drink of Mexican origin, which is produced by the large company Tequilera de Arandas, founded in 1815. It is the largest manufacturer of blue agave-based alcohol, ranking among the top five liquor suppliers of its native country. The beverage production company is located in the state of Jalisco and carries out all stages of product creation - from the processing of plant raw materials to bottling.

Only blue agave is present in the composition of alcohol, which indicates the highest quality. The elite status of the goods is ensured by comprehensive control of the production process, which is carried out at all stages. Stylish bottles made of durable glass, serving as packaging for the product, emphasize its solid status. Each container is placed in a presentable cardboard case of original appearance, so the drink will be an ideal gift for many people.

  • Origin Country:Mexico
  • Type: Tequila